An unknown creature the size of a 5-story house washed ashore: people were frightened

A strange creature washed ashore on an island located in Indonesia. The sea creature was about 15 meters long and 7 meters wide. Usually there are no people on this beach, but that particular day a local resident, Asrul Tuanakot, swam by.

It was dusk, and the man thought he saw a broken boat lying on the shore. As he got closer, he realized he was mistaken, but he couldn’t figure out what he had seen.

The unusual find attracted the attention of scientists. Representatives of science, journalists and simply onlookers streamed to the desert beach from Indonesia and other countries.

Streams of blood and the smell of decomposition did not deter the curious, some of whom simply climbed onto the carcass of the dead giant.

Biologist Alexander Werth, who arrived on the scene, concluded that the carcass of a blue whale washed up on a deserted beach, and did not recognize it because the body of the sea giant had already begun to decompose.

The second possible option was a giant squid. The theory of an unknown monster was immediately refuted by the scientist:

«There are many unexplored things in the ocean, but nothing of this size could hide from the eyes of scientists.»

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