At first, the judges were skeptical of the five. But soon the entire audience gave them a standing ovation!

Dancing, regardless of age, is always something we enjoy. At Britain’s Got Talent, the Old Men Grooving gang took matters into their own hands and spawned a whole generation of dance moves, surprising everyone.

The group of five, dressed in their usual dad attire when they appeared on stage, received curious looks from the audience because no one understood and anticipated what they were going to do.

At first the judges were skeptical of the five fathers and grandfathers who called themselves «Old Men Grooving,» but when the music started playing, all they had to do was sit with their mouths open.

After a few seconds of flowing dance steps, a group of senior dancers burst into classic hip-hop and street dance numbers, shocking and surprising the audience.

One IT-manager and four teachers aged 40 to 60 years old told (and showed!) that the work from 9 to 18 hours does not interfere with their main passion in life — dancing. The performance of these «old timers», which started with tap dance and smoothly flowed into hip-hop and street dance, was a positive charge for the whole day!


The crowd was so enthralled by the excitement that they forgot they were seeing the same people they had previously dismissed. The lads’ respectable personas had morphed into party-crazed personalities, adding spice to their routine.

Sure, the guys made it to the next round, but whether they’ll make it to the finish line is anyone’s guess. But we can definitely say that they have a lot of fans all over the world now, and if they ever get bored of working at school or on the computer, they’re bound to go on a world tour!

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