Babydoll sheep can replace both dogs and cats

If there is a creature as cute as a kitten, but at the same time as smart and decent as an adult well-mannered dog, then these are sheep of the «Babydoll» breed. Centuries of breeding have provided this breed with three irreplaceable qualities.
Firstly, they have excellent wool.
Secondly, the sheep are small, cute and unpretentious.
Thirdly, they are smart and obedient, and therefore they are often bred as the optimal type of pets.


Овечки породы "Babydoll" могут заменить и собак, и кошек

Initially, the British breed took root all over the world. They say about «Babydoll» that a reliable fence is needed to protect them from predators, and the sheep themselves will not run away. On the contrary, they have developed family ties and without any training, the little ones learn to gather in the evening together with the whole flock.

Babydoll does not need large sheds and other infrastructure. A canopy from the rain in summer and a shelter closed from the wind in winter is enough. Otherwise, they are completely indifferent to the vagaries of the weather.

Милые овечки породы «Babydoll» скоро заменят и собак, и кошек

The pile thickness of this breed is about 22 microns, which makes their wool look like cashmere — soft, elastic, pleasant to the touch. But more and more farmers admit that they get «Babydoll» not for the sake of wool, but at the behest of the heart. They are too charming, quick-witted and accommodating. Lambs are playful, and adults can even be entrusted with some household functions. For example, to guard an orchard. After all, the baby sheep themselves do not spoil the trees, they only eat grass. But they fertilize the land and do not allow larger cattle to the seedlings.

Милые овечки породы «Babydoll» скоро заменят и собак, и кошек

Almost always, sheep give birth to twins, often triplets. And then how lucky. By default, their coat color is white. But the breed has a strong recessive gene that manifests itself randomly and turns the coat black. So every time it’s like a lottery, what will the little lamb be like?

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