Bear walks through a California grocery store: he leaves the store with a bag of chips

Bears also need comfort food.

A brown bear that was clearly craving junk food crawled into a grocery store in California. He came out with a bag of Tostitos chips in his mouth, as seen in the video from the store.

The video was filmed Tuesday evening at a Safeway grocery store on Kings Beach on Lake Tahoe by a woman named Adina Baidu. Leaving the grocery store at about 21:30, she witnessed this scene.

Baidu was very scared when she ran into a bear at the trash can. Then she shot a video of the animal eating garbage.She shot the video from a distance that seemed safe to her.

«The bear I almost bumped into came into the store,» Baidu  commented in the video, holding the camera pointed in the direction of the bear.

The woman quickly returned to her car and continued to shoot two more videos of the bear wandering around the grocery store. The final video shows a bear grabbing a bag of chips and leaving the store.

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