Bear with cubs caused a traffic jam during her crossing of the road

There are often curiosities on the roads. Some of them involve animals. One such case occurred in the American city of Winchester. One driver filmed on his smartphone camera a bear cub crossing the road. There was even a traffic jam as a result of the animals crossing. The drivers waited calmly for the bear cub to finish crossing the road.

Wild animals can sometimes end up on the roadway. Every driver is aware of this. This is especially common in places near parks, nature reserves, and forests. In the immediate vicinity of the city it is usually very difficult to encounter wild animals.

However, there are cases when a settlement where people live is surrounded by wildlife. Then animals used to living in close proximity to humans become more courageous. Sometimes they can find themselves not only in the immediate vicinity of people’s homes, but also freely walk along the roadway, where cars drive.

In the small city of Winchester, located in the United States, cases when animals appear on the road are not uncommon. Local drivers have long been accustomed to this behavior of animals. Therefore, they have no problem letting them pass, in order for a wild animal to get from one side of the roadway to the other.

But a recent experience in the city showed that a mother bear with her cubs can paralyze traffic and even cause a traffic jam. The animal proved to be very cultured, unlike the cubs that refused to cross the pavement.

In the small American city of Winchester, situations where wild animals enter the road are quite frequent. However, one of the cases completely paralyzed the traffic for several minutes. The reason was that a bear cub and her cubs decided to cross the road. But she did not do it quickly. The cubs were too disobedient. The situation with wild animals was recorded on video by a driver, who gave the bear cub the right of way.

The beginning was quite promising. The bear took one of her cubs by the withers and began to carry it across the road. The second bear cub followed her to the other side of the roadway. The third of four cubs was the bravest and crossed the road on its own. Only the last of the cubs refused to cross the road.

The bear cub tried to climb a lamppost out of fear. The mother came back for him as well, but one of the cubs also went after her. In the end, while the wild animal tried to take its children one by one from the middle of the road, they intended to return. It looked rather comical. When the mother grabbed one of the cubs by the withers to carry it, the other decided to return to the side of the road from which the animals had begun their crossing.

The bear’s crossing of the road was somewhat reminiscent of a circus animal comedy act. Just when it looked like the bears had almost left the roadway, one of the children was back on the road.

All the time the bear and her children were trying to cross the road, drivers waited patiently. Despite the situation, no one honked or showed any impatience. In the city of Winchester, this kind of situation seems to happen quite often and is not out of the ordinary.

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