Bigi Jackson : what happened to Michael’s youngest son ?

For those who don’t know yet, Blanket Jackson, who has now changed his name to Bigi Jackson, is the youngest child of the performer of the hit song «Billie Jean.» He was born in February 2002 and is currently living away from the spotlight.

Michael Jackson certainly met many different women during his life. However, the one who marked him the most was his ex-wife, Debbie Rowe. And rightly so, because in addition to having shared his life for many years, she also gave him children.

With Debbie Rowe, the interpreter of the song «Smooth Criminal» has indeed welcomed two children, including a son named Michael Joseph Jackson Jr. and a daughter, called Paris Jackson.

Regarding the youngest of the siblings, Blanket Jackson, it is not the child of Debbie Rowe but another woman whose identity remains unknown.

According to the revelations made by the king of pop in a documentary entitled «Living With Michael Jackson», Bigi Jackson was conceived by artificial insemination. His mother is a woman that the singer himself has not known.

The star had notably confided:

«I used a surrogate mother with my own sperm. I had my own sperm with my other two children, they are all my children, but I used a surrogate. And, uh, she doesn’t know me, I don’t know her.»

Prince Jr. unwittingly became the cause of the scandal as a baby, because it was his father almost dropped him from the balcony. Photographs and videos of the incident went around the world, and Jackson himself was accused of cruelty. By the way, even on that video the face of Prince II, who was sitting in his father’s arms, was covered with a napkin, so no one could see his face. This way Michael Jackson tried to protect his children from being recognized on the streets, because even his elder children usually appeared in public with a mask on their faces or wore huge sunglasses and hoods.

Incidentally, because Michael Jackson hid his youngest son’s face by covering him with a blanket, he became known as Blanket.

Who raised Bigi after Michael Jackson’s death?

Like his siblings, Blanket Jackson lived with his father for many years. Unfortunately, after his death Bigi’s grandmother, Katherine Jackson, became his legal guardian.

For information, it is at the age of seven that the young man lost his father. It is thus from that age that he was raised by his grandmother.

It was said that after his father’s death in 2009, Prince II had the hardest time with his passing. Of all three of Michael Jackson’s heirs, he had the most trouble adjusting to life without his father, though Katherine Jackson tried to help her grandson and surrounded him with her love and care. He went to Buckley School in Sherman Oaks, where he proved himself in the best way, as he was an inquisitive and diligent student. He was also fond of martial arts and video games and dreamed of becoming a filmmaker in the future.

Why did Prince Michael «Blanket» Jackson II change his name to Bigi?

As mentioned above, Michael Jackson II, also known as Blanket, is currently living far from the media pressure. Moreover, it is because of his very discreet nature that he was nicknamed «invisible boy».

As a reminder, it was in 2015 that the young man changed his name to Bigi Jackson. The reason? He never wanted to explain it.

Some assume that this first name would be a diminutive of Blanket and that it would also have something to do with his former nickname.

The luxury house that Bigi Jackson bought for himself in Los Angeles

Many people are probably wondering what is happening to Bigi Jackson. Well, aside from living away from the limelight, the young man currently owns an estimated multi-million dollar home located in the suburbs of Los Angeles.

According to sources, the house spans 6,832 square feet, and has six bedrooms and seven bathrooms. The estate reportedly cost approximately $2.6 million USD.

In addition to his large home, Bigi Jackson also owns a YouTube channel called Film Family, which he started with his older brother.

Though Michael Jackson’s youngest son didn’t like the attention, he made a surprise appearance on Good Morning Britain in late October 2021. That day, the pop king’s three children threw the annual Halloween party and screening of «Thriller» to honor their father at his former home. Bigi, along with his brother and sister, are, like Michael Jackson once were, concerned about protecting the environment. And Prince II decided to make a televised appeal to world leaders to take action on climate change.

When asked by Michael Jackson’s fans if Bigi is going to follow in his famous father’s footsteps and become a musician or singer, the young man simply replies that even if he wanted to conquer the musical Olympus, he has no chance of doing so. After all, Bigi, by his own admission, can neither sing nor dance. However, he plans to do something that could benefit people. That is why he started with environmental protection.

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