Biker Heart of Gold adopted an 18-year-old dog from a shelter.

Julep’s story is too common. Already an adult 18-year-old pit bull dog was in the care of the Human Rescue Alliance (HRA) in Washington, D.C., at the end of February, when its elderly owner died.

The shelter workers were very worried about the future fate of Julep, as she was the oldest dog that had come to the HRA shelter recently.

The staff was understandably concerned that no one would want to take a dog of such an advanced age.

Their hearts were breaking at the thought that Julep might be destined to live out her last days in the nursery.

If it hadn’t been for an incredible man named Wayne Lerch, maybe that’s how this story ended. Fortunately, Lerch saw Julep’s story on the HRA Facebook page and took action. The next morning, he waited outside the door for the shelter to open.

Lerch was not sure that he and Julep would fit, so he took precautions not to make quick decisions. The biker arrived at the HRA on his motorcycle, knowing that this would prevent him from taking Julep home.

You see, Lerch was still worried about the death of his beloved 11-year-old pit bull Jasmine, who died in December. They had a special bond and he wanted to make sure that there would be the same spark between him and his next dog. Lerch said that as soon as he met Julep, he immediately realized it was his dog!

Lerch quickly drove home on his bike and returned by car. When the new best friends came out of the shelter together, the shelter workers were very touched.

After just a few days together, it became clear that Lerch and Julep, which he renamed Tuti in honor of his grandmother and Tutti Frutti candy, are perfect. Miss Tutti moved into her new home, and Lerch found that her presence helped him heal from the loss of Jasmine.

At the moment, Tuti is healthy and happy.

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