Bitter taste of loneliness: an old cat left on its own

Most domestic cats live to be about 20-22 years old. But Thomas has turned out to be a real hero! This cat is now 26 years old! But the owners decided they didn’t need the old cat any more as he was starting to have health problems and they decided they couldn’t cope. So Thomas was abandoned and ended up in a homeless pet shelter. After so many years with his owners, Thomas was left with a bitter taste of loneliness.

People who came to the shelter usually asked for kittens to raise themselves. They didn’t pay attention to old Tomas. They chose other pets. That’s when the shelter team decided to post pictures of Tomas on Facebook and tell his story.

Laura Cassiday, who works with Animal Allies Rescue Foundation, came across the old cat. The young woman was struck by his age and the fact that he had no owners in his later years. After thinking about it for a while, Laura decided she could take the old cat into her home, even though she already had six striped ‘adopted’ cats.

According to the medics, for a 26-year-old pet, Thomas «survived» quite well. But like any old cat, he has had health problems. The poor old cat suffers from arthritis, has bad teeth, thyroid dysfunction, enlarged liver and many other problems… Apparently, the owners were afraid of the responsibility, so Laura took it upon herself.

According to the woman, she wants to involve people in the problem of aging pets, because they deserve love and care just like any other creature! To refuse an elderly cat just because it is sick and infirm is very cruel! Laura also encourages people to take in older animals from the shelter to brighten their last days on earth…

As for Thomas, this sweet cat was initially uncomfortable in his new home but has now settled in! He is very happy to have someone in the world who is willing to pet and pamper him, as his new owner Laura does.

We really hope that every day of his new life is now filled with nothing but joy!

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