Black couple gives birth to a baby with blond hair and blue eyes: find out what she looks like today

When white parents have a black baby, it raises a lot of questions. The same can be said of dark-skinned parents who become parents of a white baby.

This is what happened in Angela and Ben’s family ten years ago. They were expecting their third child. When their long-awaited baby girl was born, the parents froze in surprise. The little girl was white.

The girl was named Nmachi, but they call her angel among themselves. Her parents lived in Nigeria for a long time, but then they decided to change their place of residence and moved to England.

Immediately after the birth of his white daughter, the father could not utter a word. The family was all black, no whites. Ben could not suspect his wife of being unfaithful. If she had cheated on her spouse, the child would have been a mulatto. The daughter’s white skin indicated that there was some kind of mutation at the genetic level. That is why Nmachi’s skin was so different from that of her mother and father.

The news that black parents had an albino baby quickly spread around the world. Not the least of these was the media. When news of this story broke at Oxford University, a professor wanted to study this unique case. He had the DNA of the parents and their daughter analyzed.

The scientist conducted a series of studies. He was able to determine that there was a genetic malfunction. It resulted in the birth of an albino baby. Nmachi has no pigment, which determines the color of his skin, eyes, and hair. Melanin synthesis is absent. She will always be a white angel, as everyone affectionately calls her.

The professor said that Nmachi would pass on her genes by becoming a mother. Therefore, she might have children with white skin in her family. It is not necessary that the child will be born in the first or second generation. It can happen after several generations.

The girl is perfectly healthy. The only difficulty she may have is being accepted by her black peers. It is always uncomfortable and not very pleasant to be the «white sheep.

At the clinic where Nmachi was born, all the medical staff were delighted with the white-skinned baby girl. They immediately dubbed her the «white angel. There was delight in the white curls, too. Usually babies are born bald, but here she had blond hair.

There are several thousand in the world. On average, one out of every 20,000 people is born with a lack of pigment. Most often such children are born on the African continent. For what reason this happens is still unknown. Scientists have yet to solve this mystery.

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