Cemetery workers assumed that the dog missed the deceased owner. The truth turned out to be more prosaic

A dog is undoubtedly man’s best friend. How many stories have we heard about how these faithful creatures save people from fire, lift them from the rubble of buildings, etc.

The cemetery workers were sure that the shepherd, who constantly sleeps on one of the graves, simply misses his master.

But then they had doubts. After all, the deceased left this world in the early 90s. How long has the dog lived?

Then they decided to check what this dog was hiding. It turns out that the grave serves as a home for her puppies.
A woman named Vesna Mikhailovskaya decided to take custody of this family of dogs.

It was a real salvation for a tired dog who was struggling to find food for herself and the puppies.

Normal care, food have done their job. Very quickly, the dog’s strength returned and the puppies began to grow rapidly.

Sometimes dogs have more prosaic, but no less important reasons to lie on someone’s grave. In any case, this story turned out to be very touching.

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