Cillian O’Connor: Autistic Irish boy (13) wowed the Britain’s Got Talent jury with a spectacular magic show

«Wow, you’re incredibly talented,» Simon Cowell enthused. «Seriously. That absolutely freaked me out.»

Killian O’Connor (13) of Mornington wowed the judges with his amazing tricks, braving autism and dyspraxia to the applause of the audience and jury.

Among the tricks, Killian correctly told him what he thought of the Seven of Diamonds playing card, as well as the correct number of the 2,500 marmalades he put in the jar in front of him on his desk.

«Wow, you’re incredibly talented,» Simon said. «Seriously. When I saw that (the 2,500 figure), it absolutely shocked me.»

«There’s something really incredible about you, and I believe in magic, and you’re such an amazing performer, brilliant, brilliant.»

A weepy Amanda Holden agreed. “You have made me and Alesha (Dixon) a mess, you were amazing,” she said. “I mean absolutely phenomenal, great showmanship. I’m really glad that magic has changed your life and given you so much confidence. But above all of that, you are a little superstar so well done.”

Alesha added: “I loved everything about it but especially love you, your passion, your personality and it’s clear to everyone just how much this means to you which makes this extra special.”

New judge Bruno Tonioli was also holding back the tears.

“I was totally, totally captivated by what you were doing,” he exclaimed. “For somebody so young it’s an incredible quality. You have a fantastic future in front of you.”

When Cillian, who talked about autism, got four yeses, his proud mother Elaine ran out on stage to hug him and said he was «amazing.»

«When I grow up, I want to be a magician,» Cillian said before his performance. «What I like about magic is just trying to make people smile.»

Cillian became Ireland’s youngest magician when he joined the Society of Irish Magicians.

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