Dogs that took a funny and strange pose and that’s how they found their way to their owner’s heart

One girl, named Brittany, posted a picture of her pet on Twitter that went viral.

«My dog is acting weird. It’s just like a person. I think she needs to start paying the bills now,» the girl captioned the photo.

It soon became clear that Brittany is not the only owner whose beloved pet is acting strangely. The motive remains unknown, but that doesn’t make the spectacle any less funny or hilarious.

The selection begins with this photo that attracted 1.27 million people

Are we the only ones who thought the dog was literally smiling?

Settled down on the couch to watch TV

Snoozing in the sunshine

I don’t know if it’s sad or if it’s funny

Just an old lady who has seen life

Ooh! Take it easy, buddy!

The stern look of a Dalmatian

Some meditate sitting down and some sleep

A thoughtful look, a deliberate pose — animals sometimes look wiser than humans


Someone’s dog is hungry and tired of waiting

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