During the flood the cat found an original way to survive

The water was coming in very fast and had already filled the city streets. It became clear that the elements were in full force. People left the city in a hurry. But the street animals, as usual, were left alone with the disaster.

This cat also did not manage to escape from the water in time. But the animal showed unusual resourcefulness, which saved his life. Realizing that it was impossible to hide from the water, the cat looked around carefully and found a watercraft that helped him escape. A regular basin replaced a boat for the little guy.

For quite a long time, the cat swam through the city streets in a basin, following the flow of water. The animal was frightened, so it cried constantly, trying to draw attention to itself.

After a while, the baby’s torment ended. He was spotted by rescuers, who picked up the cat and took him to a dry and safe place. The cat was practically unharmed, although he got a little wet and his voice was disrupted by the prolonged meowing.

To prevent the cat from catching a cold, the rescuers covered his wet fur with a warm cloak. The cat not only survived the flood, but also became a social media star. That is why there were so many people who wanted to take him home. And soon he found a home and a family.

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