Every day the dog stared out the window for hours. The owner decided to find out what was so fascinating to the dog

After a morning walk, the owner goes to work and the dog has to find his own entertainment. Usually animals sleep or play with their toys, but not the dog in this story. The dog spent all his time near the window, watching intently for something outside the house.

As soon as the owner stepped over the threshold, going to work, the dog immediately took up his post at the large window and carefully studied the street. When the woman first noticed this habit of her pet, she thought he was interested in passersby and other animals running along the sidewalk. One weekend, the woman saw the dog sitting at the window for a very long time and watching intently, even though nothing was going on outside.

The woman wondered. What attracted such close attention of the dog. She looked carefully out the window and noticed a gray cat. It was sitting on the windowsill of the house across the street. The animal was also staring at the dog through the window. And the woman realized that it was for the sake of these meetings that her pet was constantly guarding at the window.

It wasn’t long before the dog became very sad. He walked around the house with longing in his eyes, occasionally coming to the window and almost immediately walking away from it. It turned out that there were flower pots in the window of the house across the street. And the cat could no longer sit in its usual place.

To please her pet, the woman talked to her neighbor and asked her to move the flowers so that the animals could once again enjoy their silent companionship. The next morning, the cat was already sitting in its usual place, staring intently at the dog, who had taken up his post at the window.

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