Fifty-year-old woman became a mother after sixteen years of unsuccessful attempts

Louise Warnford, 50, a British woman, has been trying to have a baby for 16 years. The woman had repeatedly undergone IVF, because her spouse had a vasectomy after his first child was born in a previous marriage.

Donor cells were used for artificial insemination. However, the woman miscarried as early as the first trimester. The doctors could not find an explanation.

It was a real tragedy for the woman. She could hardly find the strength to live. She could not fulfill her cherished dream of becoming a mother. Louise was desperate, she no longer hoped to hold her baby in her arms.

However, an encounter with doctor Hassan Shehat changed her life. The woman decided on IVF for the last time.

Surprisingly, all went well. Louisе was able to carry the baby. Beautiful baby Wil was born by cesarean section. The baby was perfectly healthy, and the mother felt great. As it turned out, killer cells were found in the woman’s body. They protected the woman’s body and eliminated any threat. The cells recognized pregnancy as a threat and eliminated it. Louise is happy to be a mother, now she has a full family.

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