Floating gym in Paris, so you won’t run away from your workout for sure

Italian firm Carlo Ratti Associati has come up with a beautiful and aesthetic way to inspire people to exercise more. They designed a special boat that uses pure human energy to float down the Seine River in Paris.

An interesting way to get people to generate energy for the ship by burning calories for their own money — you won’t exercise, the ship just won’t make it.
The high-tech boat is 20 meters long and holds up to 45 people. The concept of the floating gym is for people to see how much powerful energy, a person produces during a workout, that you can actually move the boat. It’s hard to find a more ingenious motivation, isn’t it?

Of course, if there aren’t enough people to power the ship, then it has to use renewable energy from the solar panels on the roof. Yet another reason to visit Paris!

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