Four baby elephant siblings frolic and jump on each other while their mother is away

Baby elephants are the cutest and happiest animals on the planet. In fact, they know how to entertain themselves. Playing with dirt, cuddling up to their loved ones, hanging out with friends, brothers and sisters — all these are their favorite games And we can’t stop smiling looking at these playful young animals.

The four baby elephants in this story do the same thing. The siblings decided to have fun while their mom was drinking water on the nearby shore. But their games are pretty «rough». They look like playful and energetic children, don’t they?

The elephants continued to frolic together until their mother returned. She immediately interrupted the fun as the poor baby elephant was injured from behind.

His mother’s intervention is very important. Small baby elephants weigh about 300 kg each. This means that the lower child carries a load three times heavier than himself. He can’t bear such a load.

Who can resist this fun?

These amazing moments were captured on the banks of Harry Dam in Eddo Elephant National Park, Eastern Cape, South Africa.

Ayesha Kantor, who took these photos, was on a day trip at the time. She was sitting by the dam when she noticed four elephant siblings. They were busy with their game. It’s so fun and exciting!

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