Funny dog decided to give his toy to a window cleaner

Tofu knows that when a guest comes to you, it is important that he feels welcome. Therefore, naturally, when he saw a window cleaner working near his apartment on the 15th floor, he quickly grabbed his favorite toy, perhaps hoping that it would somehow help the man to wash the windows.

«He was excited that someone was outside our window,» said Tofu hostess, Rebecca Hartman.

Hartman wasn’t surprised when Tofu literally jumped at the opportunity to make a new friend. Sociable golden loves to meet new people and has twice been named «Pet of the Month» in his apartment complex. When Rebecca saw her dog’s sincere attempts to pull his toy through the window glass, Hartman couldn’t help but record it.

«He loves meeting new people!» said Hartman. A 4-year-old puppy likes to take gifts and bring them to someone.

«Every time I come home, even after taking out the garbage for two minutes, he greets me with something in his mouth,» the owner said. «He usually grabs the first thing he sees.» In this case, it was his favorite toy-a duck.

«He often falls asleep with a toy in his mouth,» Hartman said.

So far, the window cleaner has not returned. But Tofu is always ready. As soon as the cleaner returns, he will be met by a toy and a wagging tail.

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