Generous little restaurateur: it serves dinner to all the stray dogs that show up at the restaurant door every night.

Five years ago, a stray dog appeared on the doorstep of a small restaurant in Peru. The dog looked at the food with hungry eyes.

Ortiz, the owner of the restaurant, the chef, decided to feed the hungry dog.

The owner of the restaurant did not just take out the remaining minced meat on the newspaper. He prepared a personal lunch for the dog.

The next evening, the hungry dog returned. He timidly sat down at the door of the establishment, as if he wanted to, but did not dare to attract attention.

Ortiz once again gave the dog a free lunch. And this has become their new tradition.

Since then, an unnamed and no longer hungry dog comes every night. He became the first visitor to Ortiz’s restaurant.

It seems that the rumor about the friendliness and generosity of the owner of the restaurant spread among local dogs, as more and more dogs began to come to his doors.

They sat on the threshold of the restaurant and looked inside with hungry eyes.

Of course, the restaurant owner couldn’t leave the dogs hungry.

The cook fed each dog. Everyone left well-fed, satisfied and wagging their tails.

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