Giants among dogs:The 5 biggest and most powerful breeds

You can admire or dislike and fear dogs, but they have been with humans throughout our history. During this time, dogs have become the most faithful friends, guards and protectors. Many breeds have been bred. And today, about the strongest breeds briefly.

Let’s take a look at the five most powerful, large and dimensional dog breeds. All of them have been around for a long time and serve their owners faithfully.


A member of one of the most ancient breeds of dogs, serving as a watchdog as far back as the Tibetan monasteries.

The place of origin also explains the thick fur that saved the dogs from the bitter cold in the mountains. There is especially a lot of hair on the neck of the dog, making it look like a lion’s hair around it.

Adult Mastiff can grow up to 75 centimeters in height, weigh up to 80 kilograms and its jaws can clench with the force of 300 kilograms.

It can’t be called a small dog, but like most large representatives of its species, the Tibetan Mastiff has a calm and reserved nature. It is a loyal friend, family member and a guardian. His mental abilities are at a high level and require constant training. The owner of such a dog should remember that it is a serious animal that requires special treatment.


Intelligence, stamina and strength make the Cane Corso an excellent bodyguard dog. They can be playful, but are always mindful of their primary duty to their owner.

The adult Cane Corso is up to 66 centimeters tall, weighs up to 50 kilograms (that’s not counting the gold chain around his neck, which a loving owner is sure to hang on his «sad guard»), and the bite will squeeze all 320 kilograms.


The homeland of this breed is the Caucasus. The breed has been around for more than two thousand years. Originally, the Caucasian was used to protect herds and owners’ homes. His task was not only to prevent predators from attacking livestock, but also to protect from human encroachment.

An adult shepherd dog is about 75 centimeters in height and can weigh 80 kilograms or even more than 100 kilograms. It is safe to say that the Caucasian shepherd dog is one of the largest breeds. The bite force of 317 kilograms will not give the offender a chance to do anything. He is even pitied.

The character is dominated by suspicion of outsiders, persistent, determined and of course incredibly brave dog.


There is a theory that this breed was the result of crossbreeding Indo-Pakistani Mastiffs with British breeds of dogs. From the Punjabi language the name translates simply and reflects the appearance — «heavily wrinkled dog».

The dog is large in size, used today as a fighting dog mainly in Pakistan, and has become a guard dog for Indians. Given the incredible physical characteristics and psychological features, the owner can only be a strong and confident person. Otherwise, a Bullie Coutts fight can even get into a fight with its own loser owner.

The powerful and muscular body of the Bullie Coutts sets him apart from other breeds into one of the heaviest and most powerful dogs. It inspires respect and appropriate fear in appearance and size. Behavior expresses its superiority, and fearlessness and courage allow it to show itself in the most difficult and dangerous situations.

An adult dog is characterized by growth of 100 centimeters, weight up to 100 kilograms, and tenacious jaws snap into the body of the victim with an effort of 318 kilograms. It is better not to cross such a dog.


Turks bred this breed in ancient times. Because of its several varieties, the Turks themselves use the name Kangal.

Good trainability, calmness, intelligence and loyalty stand out in this breed even more than its physical parameters. Also devoted to its owners and always ready to protect them and their property. If a stranger decides to take a closer look at someone else’s property, he may regret his wish, it will not please the Kangal for sure. But to children shows friendliness and a kind of caring.

Based on the purpose for which it is bred, which is to guard sheep from wolves, the Kangal, for all its size and weight, easily manages to run fast and catch up with all kinds of trespassers and eager strangers’ sheep. It loves the agile way of life and its native land of Asia Minor.

Adult representative will bite so that nothing will escape from his mouth — the bite force of 337 kilograms, the intimidating height of 90 centimeters is more proof that you should not flirt with this dog, and the weight up to 75 kilograms can knock down any carcass, though a predator, though an uninvited robber.

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