He jumped into the river with icy water to save the life of a bear cub that was already going to the bottom

Eli Barkley and his father Darren went fishing. They were expecting a big catch. But everything didn’t go according to plan. Father and son were walking to their tent when suddenly a forester approached them.

He told them that they might see an orphaned bear cub that often wanders around the neighborhood. And, just a few minutes later, the son noticed the outlines of a bear cub in the river, which was rapidly going to the bottom.

Eli later said that the baby looked completely exhausted. When they approached, he did not move.

It turned out that the bear cub was moved to the car and given a sedative so that it could be done safely. And he managed to slip out of the car and jump into the water.

Already in the water, the medicine began to work. The bear cub was getting weak and could barely hold his head, and he was being carried away by the current. And then Eli realized that he urgently needed to be rescued, as he was being carried away by the current, but he still held his head by instinct.

Eli jumped into the water and began to swim quickly to the cub. He was able to pull the bear cub to shore. He was very young, probably no more than a couple of months old and already single and without a mom.

He was named William and sent to a rehabilitation center, where he will live until he grows up and gets stronger. Then it will be returned to its natural habitat.

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