He proposed to her in kindergarten. And he kept his word 20 years later!

The idea of everlasting love can seem a little scary to some people. Let alone being in love with the same person ALL THE LIFE. However, Laura and Matt are just the kind of people who have managed to carry their love through life.

Laura and Matt met in kindergarten.

«One of my first memories,» Matt says, «is me standing in front of the whole group as a three-year-old and saying I’m going to marry her one day.»

They spent a lot of time together as kids.

Matt fondly remembers the time they spent together as children:

«When we were kids, Laura taught me how to ride swings, how to draw hills, how to eat grilled cheese ‘right.’ We like to reminisce about playing hide-and-seek, chasing each other on the playground, and staying up during quiet time.»

He says, «I was in love with Laura then, and I’m still in love with her.»

Like many couples who have been together virtually their entire lives, the two lost touch for a while:

«Eventually, when we went to elementary school, we lost touch for the next seven years. We saw each other’s faces only on the Christmas cards our families exchanged.»

Eventually, in high school, thanks to a mutual friend, they started communicating again and hit it off almost immediately:

«Two weeks later we decided to be boyfriend and girlfriend.»

Matt and Laura’s love managed to survive all the twists and turns of adolescence.

«We dated all through high school, even though we went to different schools,» Matt explains.

The fact that they went to different schools in some way prepared them for what lay ahead: the boys went off to colleges in different states!

«We even stayed together after a long-distance relationship when we attended colleges in different states.»

On May 23, 2015, Matt proposed to Laura where it all began: in their kindergarten yard.

Following a long tradition, the two tied themselves together in marriage and became family, and their friends and family rejoiced with them.

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