How a baby’s crying helped a family get their runaway dog back

On February 5 this year, Luna, an Australian sheepdog, went missing while on a walk with her owner, Amber Mаyers. The Myers family was very upset by the disappearance of their beloved pet and searched all weekend, but to no avail.

The Mаyers enlisted the help of Sandra Coulston, an expert on missing animals. There are many ways to find a runaway dog — surveying areas, interviewing neighbors, acquaintances, posting ads, giving information to social media groups. After researching all the details of our heroes’ missing dog, Coulston advised the family to leave some clothes where Luna used to be, as she might be attracted to the familiar scent.

Eventually, a security camera outside the Mayers’ house showed the missing dog, and the family went in search of it. Before long, Amber and her husband managed to find Luna. But she was so frightened that she didn’t approach her owners when they called for her.

«For some reason she got scared of our calls and ran away,» Amber told Mayers.

A few hours later, the Mayers went to get the dog again. But this time they took their children with them, which was the right thing to do. While Amber and her husband searched for Luna, the woman’s sister was in the car with her daughter Braelyn and infant son Bowen. The baby was very tired and began to cry. So the woman took him in her arms and got out of the car. It was the baby’s crying that attracted Luna. When she heard Bowen’s voice, she ran to the car to see if he was okay.

Research by experts proves that a baby’s crying upsets adult dogs. If a baby is coming into the house soon, they usually recommend even letting their pets listen to a recording of newborns crying so they get used to the new sounds. In our case, little Bowen played a positive role in the situation that arose.

Now Luna is back with her family and enjoys playing with the children again, while they scratch her tummy and give her treats. She seems to enjoy it much more than her lonely adventures outside in the cold.

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