How Vivienne Westwood and her husband have been living for 30 years

The designer duo, Vivienne Westwood and Andreas Krontaler, recently celebrated 30 years together.

The famous haute couture rebel and her husband are still happy together despite the 25-year gap.

We offer a love story tested by time and creativity.

Always a vibrant and socially active lady, Vivienne, met her second spouse at a lecture at an art university, in the late 80’s. Andreas was a student and Westwood was a guest lecturer. For the young man, the appearance of the famous fashion designer was unforgettable, he still remembers what she was wearing that day.

At the time, Vivienne was known for her experiments in creating epathetic collections with elements of retrospective.

Thus, her models combined Victorian corsets and heavy boots with the punk style. Their relationship developed rapidly, passionate about a common cause, they were interested in each other, and the interest was followed by sympathy. They got married four years later, in 1992.

The husband does not get tired of admiring Vivienne. In a recent interview he admitted that the most valuable thing in her — the absence of stereotypes, the ability to pursue her goal and the willingness to open new things. Andreas has been the creative director of the Westwood fashion empire for over 30 years and works in partnership with his wife on the show collections.

His contribution to the common cause is invaluable, not without reason the importance of his ideas is marked by the creation of a new Gold Label line in Andreas Kronthaler for Vivienne Westwood.

Their relationship is absolutely harmonious, they not only consecrate each other’s name collections, but also have a great time alone. Thus, the time of quarantine became a field for the spouses to experiment. They published weekly «Friday looks» online, where Vivienne acted as a model and inspirer, and Andreas the creator and developer of an exclusive outfit.

They also participate together in various civic activities and social initiatives, and in their free time they spend with their own handmade dinner and engaging conversations.

They are very different. The practical, organized Vivienne and the emotional Andreas complement each other perfectly. The secret of their happy union both recognize mutual respect for their partner’s opinion and the inviolability of personal space.

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