Husky rescued a cat abandoned in a cooler bag

Around 5:45 a.m., Terin Jones went for a walk with her husky named Koda. The owner and the dog were walking along the usual route past the Fearless Kitty Rescue homeless animal rescue center.

Usually, Koda runs around the neighborhood at ease and never stops near the center. But this time it was different. The dog rushed to the bench next to Fearless Kitty Rescue and started barking loudly.

Хаски спас кошку, брошенную в сумке-холодильнике

Koda rushed to the bench, on which there was a refrigerator bag, zipped up and wrapped in a garbage bag. The dog was barking, as if saying, «There’s something there. Mom, look!» Terin said.

Amazed by the dog’s actions, Terin went to the bench and unzipped the cooler bag. A black cat stuck its head out of it and began greedily grabbing air: fluffy was very happy to be released.

Хаски спас кошку, брошенную в сумке-холодильнике

The woman waited for the start of the work of the Fearless Kitty Rescue center and brought the cat there. While the cat was recovering, Terin came up with a name for her — Juliana.

«She’s so cute, a little nervous and shy. But she likes being with people. She purrs and exposes her stomach. After what she’s been through, it’s just amazing,» Terin says.
Хаски спас кошку, брошенную в сумке-холодильнике
Now Juliana is waiting for an operation (the veterinarian found a large tumor on her tail). After which she will start looking for a permanent home and a loving family. Thanks to Koda and Terin, the cat got a second chance at a happy life.

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