I paid the vet for the surgery and was about to leave, but my cat wouldn’t let me go

I have had a cat for over ten years. At that age a cat can not be called very old, but my pet has been sick lately. I do not know what was the cause, maybe something wrong with the diet, maybe somewhere injured, but the cat began to hurt very often, so I took him to the vet.

After a thorough examination the veterinarian made a sad verdict — first we need some preparatory therapy, and then we need a surgery, quite complicated.

Although the doctor promised me that if the operation went well, the chances that the cat would live another couple of years were very high, I was very worried.

After talking to the vet and paying for the surgery and medications, I had to leave so as not to disturb the doctors. I decided to kiss my furry friend goodbye, but as soon as I approached him, he clawed at my sleeve and would not let go. I tried to remove his paw, but immediately noticed that the cat had tears in his eyes.

The scenes of how the cat hadn’t left my side for a minute while I was laid up with the flu for two weeks came immediately to mind. The animal would not eat when I could not eat and would lick my face when I cried.

And at this point, my cat needed support already, because he didn’t understand what was going on and didn’t know the people in the room. I was never able to leave and spent more than a day next to my friend in the veterinary clinic, thankfully, the staff didn’t mind.

The surgery went well and it was as if my pet had found a second youth, he was very active and playful again. I noticed that he began to love me even more, if it’s even possible to love me more.

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