In Canada, a sea lion dragged a girl under the water in a split second

In the Canadian province of British Columbia, a sea lion grabbed a girl and literally dragged her under the water in a split second.

The video of the attack on the girl was recorded by Canadian student Michael Fujiwara. He started filming when he noticed a sea lion near the docks. Several people were watching the animal; someone threw him a piece of bread.

Морской лев утащил девочку под воду: видео — National Geographic Россия: красота мира в каждом кадре

A little later, the lion swam very close to the people. He rose smoothly but unexpectedly from the water and reached for the girl, but almost immediately dived back. The audience — including the girl herself — reacted enthusiastically.

В Канаде морской лев утащил девочку под воду - KP.Ru

But when the girl sat down on the edge of the pier, the sea lion pulled her into the water with one jerk to the screams of shocked eyewitnesses.

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One of the men standing next to her rushed to help the girl. He quickly took the baby out of the water, handed the baby to the adults, and then with their help got out himself. No one was injured during the incident.

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