In Saudi Arabia, camels at a beauty contest were disqualified due to botox

The organizers of the camel beauty contest in Saudi Arabia have removed more than 40 animals from the competition. Their appearance has been improved with botox and other cosmetic procedures.

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Another camel beauty contest has started in Saudi Arabia. As part of the annual Camel Festival, the best breeders from all over the world gathered in the country to show off the animals and compete for a solid cash prize of $ 66 million.

Camels with long hanging lips, a large nose and a well-shaped hump are usually considered the most beautiful in such contests.

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Botox injections, facelifts and other cosmetic changes designed to make camels more attractive are strictly prohibited during the competition. The jury members determined the winners based on the shape of the head, neck, humps, clothes and posture

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To prevent various manipulations with the appearance of animals, all participants underwent a special check. Specialists carefully examined the contestants. They X-rayed their heads, necks and chests with an X-ray and an ultrasound scanner.

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As a result, 27 camels of the prestigious breed «Majahim» were disqualified because their owners artificially pulled various parts of the animal’s body.

Another 16 camels were rejected for injections of botox and collagen. This is not the first time that the organizers of the contest have revealed such manipulations. However, this year their number has become a record.

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