In the UK, a puppy found a treasure trove of antique coins

The puppy of a resident of Blackpool, Lancashire, UK, during the first walk with the new owners found a treasure trove of ancient gold coins.

Adam Clark, 51, decided to make a surprise for his nine-year-old daughter Alicia and bought her a Lagotto Romagnolo puppy. This breed is known for its ability to dig and is often used to find truffles.

During the first walk in the field, the puppy suddenly stopped and began desperately digging the ground. It turned out that he smelled 15 gold coins of the XIX century underground.

«I couldn’t believe it,» Clark admitted.

Experts estimated the find at 5,9 thousand pounds. Clark, according to him, admires the treasure, but believes that the real treasure is the dog itself. He calls the dog a «family gold digger.»

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