Indonesian singer Cakra Khan gave an amazing performance at the America’s Got Talent auditions.

Appearances, as we are constantly reminded, can be deceiving. Cakra Khan is another compelling example of this.

Dressed in a beige jacket, Khan walked onto the brightly lit stage of America’s Got Talent, where he could have been mistaken for a simple, ordinary, everyday guy.

Khan, relaxed and backing himself, nailed an audition that surprised everyone but himself.

A devotee of blues and soul music, Khan, an Indonesia native, reached deep for a rendition of “Make It Rain.” Khan’s vocals are dripping in soul, but it didn’t stop Simon Cowell from applying the handbrake.

Cowell drew boos from the crowd when he halted soul singer Cakra Khan’s performance.The notoriously critical judge made disapproving faces after each line the 31-year-old sang.

Cowell then held up his hand, signaling for Khan to stop singing. The other judges looked surprised, while the audience immediately booed.

«I think you have a great voice,» Cowell said.»I didn’t like the track, though. Did you bring another song with you?» Khan said yes, before launching into a cover of “No Woman, No Cry” by Bob Marley, a song he said his father used to play for him before school.

Throughout the song, Cowell’s face was about the same as before. Khan asked people to sing along if they knew the words, bringing the audience to its feet. He received a standing ovation from the crowd — and the judges — following the stirring performance.

«You have a very unique, very sexy, very raspy voice,» Heidi Klum said, and then asked the million dollar question:»What did you think, Simon?»

“It’s so rare to hear voices like that,” Cowell commented. “I absolutely love your voice. Love it.”

Sofia Vergara remarked, “You made it all yours. And that voice of yours is spectacular.”

Howie Mandel had the last word. “Very memorable, unique voice, everybody was on their feet. You could feel the emotion. You’re amazing.”

The positive feedback was backed up with four yeses.

And if Khan wins Idol, what would he do with the $1 million prize money? Build an animal shelter, he said at the top of his spot.

Watch below.

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