Just after birth, cute newborn twins sweetly ‘talk’ to each other

Father of two twins Mike Lasky recorded a video of the babies interacting.The little girls in this video are adorable as they demonstrate their bond. They can practically read each other’s minds just by looking into each other’s eyes. It’s all preparation for when they are older and go to school.

Their dad is filming them wearing their newborn caps. Before he and his wife took the babies home, he probably did this to remember how calm they looked.

According to a report in Scientific American, twin infants in the womb directed nearly 30 percent of their movements toward their prenatal companions by 18 weeks of age. These movements, such as stroking the head or back, lasted longer and were more precise than movements directed toward themselves, such as touching their own eyes or mouth.

According to research, when twin children start talking, they understand each other well, although those around them cannot understand them. This phenomenon is called «twin language».

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