Kind volunteers came to rescue a small dog, but it turned out that she was not alone

Today we will tell you about one small dog who stayed outside on cold winter days and was freezing. It was very cold that day. Even there were practically no people on the streets. No one wanted to leave the house in such a cold. And this little dog lived on the street and she had nothing to do but stand and freeze.

And that day a man was passing by. He was hurrying home. But he stopped after he heard a quiet crying at a pipe that was lying on the road. It was the cry of a small dog. The man immediately called volunteers and they came to help her.

The volunteers came very quickly. The dog was hiding in the chimney and was afraid to go out to people. But soon she realized that they wanted to help her and came out of the pipe. She started jumping and running around happily.

The dog turned out to be very friendly and quickly made friends with the volunteers. The volunteers were very happy that they saved such a good dog.

But the dog did not want to leave there in any way and constantly walked around the pipe, as if making it clear that someone was there. That’s exactly what happened. There were three little cubs who were very scared.

Volunteers have been trying to get them out of this pipe for a long time, but they did not come out. Even when they saw their mom, they didn’t want to come out. But soon they still managed to get them after working on it for a long time.

The cubs were put in a cage with their mother and sent to a shelter. There are not the best conditions, of course. But at least they will have housing. We hope that all the puppies will soon find their home and a loving owner.

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