«Kindergarten» for pandas: this is probably the cutest place on the planet

A special panda breeding center in China can become one of the cutest places on the planet . Here cute little pandas live, play with toys, hit a ball and climb playgrounds.
This «kindergarten» is located at the Chengdu Research Base in China.

This is extremely important for the conservation of endangered giant pandas. One of the most famous endangered species in the world.
Each panda is special not only because of its charming nature, but also because of the complexity of caring for them.

Due to slow reproduction, females can conceive only one cub every few years. She can only give birth to one cub every two years.
Growing and raising pandas is not an easy task. Everyone at the center is doing everything possible to dramatically increase their numbers in the wild (since the number of wild pandas has recently dropped to less than 2,000).


There is nothing more delightful than meeting a bunch of cute and beautiful pandas.

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