Kittens are not only purr-mur-mur-mur, but also chaos, destruction, house upside down

The soothing sounds of purring, soft fur, sleepily squeezed eyes — all this will come later, when the cat has had enough of messing around, breaking every conceivable and unthinkable rule of your house and possibly breaking something. Be strong. But then he will definitely come to purr in your ear!

Pleased, innocently flapping his eyes, and then without warning he started devouring the flower

Cat attack when the owner sits down to play computer games. It’s a tradition

Cunning gourmet — turns the bowl upside down and licks only the gravy off the floor, leaving bits of food untouched

That was the last purchase for you, you ungrateful cat!

That’s mean, kitten

From cat love to cat-hatred….

Hey, you thought I couldn’t get to your puzzle here?

The cat who is against reading (always does)

They ignore the cat beds, but they climb into the rabbit beds

Relax, man, I only drink what’s good for me

Sweet tooth

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