Koala joey Rescued From Barbed Wire By Its Mum

Help me, mum! The heartwarming moment a koala saves her joey after it gets its fur tangled in a barbed wire fence

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Two videos posted to YouTube show a mother Koala’s heartwarming determination to set her baby free from a barbed wire fence.

The moments were captured by Sue Moxon on the Sunshine Coast in early August, and show the joey caught, by the neck, in the fence and struggling desperately to break free.

WATCH: Mother koala rescues joey caught in barbed wire

The first of Moxon’s videos shows the mumma Koala pulling and pushing the little one and even offering it a hug of reassurance. The second video follows on from this and shows the joey eventually breaking free and scampering up a near-by tree and into safety.

The koala walks around the fence post and places her hand on the joey’s head before the pair grab each other’s arms.

The mum appears to try and pull the joey out from under the fence.

The mum appears to try and pull the joey out from under the fence, but footage shows the joey finally wiggling itself free (pictured)

“It was just a really awesome thing to witness and be a part of,” Moxon told the Sunshine Coast Daily.

“I think watching that mother interact like that, and trying to problem solve, pushing against the barbed wire and trying to get her off it, it was great.”

The joey managed to escape the fence’s grip with its skin in tact, only losing a little hair to the ordeal. There is no doubt that this little koala has learnt his lesson and will never play near a spikey fence ever again.

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