«Little bodybuilder.» What the guy looks and lives like now — record holder

A few years ago, many people heard about a little boy, Andrei Kostash, and all thanks to his phenomenal shape, as for a 4-year-old child.

Andrei had a steel press that any adult would envy. He set some serious records. For example, even at the age of 7, Andrei could do 4,000 push-ups.

For now, Kostash is already 14 and we’ll tell you how the guy lives now.

The boy’s coach was his father. The man approached his son’s work with all seriousness. He correctly spread the load, developed a series of exercises and they paid off.

Father and son went to all kinds of shows so that interest in an unusual child wouldn’t fade. Over the years, however, as Andrei began to grow into a teenager, the attention paid to him began to fade.

Then Andrei launched his YouTube channel, but he didn’t have many subscribers.
Despite this, the young man continued to run it.

At the moment, the guy sometimes acts in films, and sport is just a way for him to stay in shape.

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