Lost baby deer wanders onto porch and befriends cat

Cats can be jerks at times. Although they seem to like to be a sweet and adorable furball, they could be naughty at most times. This is a fact that even a certified cat lover cannot deny.

When morning came, Jim Hausman, the owner of the house, found the baby deer laying still on their front porch. His cat named Miro became interested in what he saw and decided to assert the situation by checking out the deer himself.

The sweet wild animal is so scared, it can’t even move. As the forest is only a few feet away from the porch, the poor little thing most likely got separated from its mom and it ended up there.

Cat befriends a lost baby deer who wanders onto his porch

Driven by curiosity, Miro – the kitten went onto exploring the strange visitor. A little bit confused as it’s the first time when he interacts with such a creature, the cat became incredibly friendly. He even touches the deer’s head with his paw – a sign that he has no intention in harming it. The adorable deer on the other hand is confused in the presence of the cat, it knows at least she’s safe.

Lost baby deer wanders onto porch and befriends cat

In the end, regardless how much Miro liked the company of his new friend, his family decided to take the fawn and release it back in the forest, to be reunited with its mom. Even short, the interaction between the cat and the baby deer proves, once again that friendship knows no boundaries.

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