Loving father never lets his daughter leave without a fresh rose he grows with his own hands

Steve Adams, from Michigan, USA, is the kind of father every girl dreams of. The 55-year-old prioritizes his family and makes sure his daughter Cassi feels his love.

The doting father is passionate about gardening and grows beautiful flowers in his garden. He also enjoys sharing the produce of his hobby to bring joy to others.

White Rose

One of the lucky recipients of Steve’s kindness is his daughter. He gives her a rose whenever he can, to brighten her day and make her smile. On Cassi’s wedding day, the proud, tender and kind father gave her a stunning white rose.

It was the first time he had seen her in her wedding dress, and that memory is something he will treasure forever. However, that wasn’t the moment that thrilled netizens.

Touching video

It was a clip posted online that caught everyone’s attention. Steve’s daughter shared a brief but poignant scene in June 2020. An overlay text explained what happened for the next 13 seconds.

«When your dad won’t let you leave the house without fresh roses from his garden,» it read.

Accompanied by an equally tender song, the moment was unforgettable. Cassi lives an hour’s drive from her father’s home, but that hasn’t dampened their unbreakable bond.

The daughter explained that she had just spent a wonderful day at the lake with her father. As they said goodbye, he ran to her car window with something special in his hand and she decided to film it. It was a freshly cut red rose from his garden.

He handed it to her before blowing her a goodbye kiss. Cassi commented that her father used to give her roses wrapped in a paper towel and sealed with aluminum foil to make sure they stayed fresh during the trip home.

The relationship between the father and daughter got a positive response from thousands of users. People were amazed by Steve’s tenderness. One netizen commented:

«It’s amazing that you have a father who does that, that there is a man who does that.»

However, for Cassi, her father is simply the loving and kind man she has known all her life. She shared that he had a tender heart and cared deeply for everyone he loved.

Wise words

Cassi admitted that she had always been daddy’s girl. Steve had not only supported her in school, but also encouraged her entrepreneurial spirit. He helped her start a business and their relationship has grown stronger over the years.

This led her to share a piece of advice with others looking for a mate.

«Ask yourself if this man is worthy of being a father to your children, and if you would be happy if you had a child who turned out exactly like him. We need stronger father figures in the world.»

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