Magic restaurants, where you have to be at least once in your life

Have you always dreamed of dining in total darkness? Or perhaps to dine in the company of lions? Or maybe giraffes?

Well, you’re in luck, because these restaurants can cater to all your preferences, even the weirdest.

Here are some of the most amazing, most unique and strangest restaurants in the world. Be sure to tell us about your favorite in the comments!

Dine in the cave at the Grotta Palazzese restaurant in Puglia, Italy.

Share breakfast with a giraffe at Giraffe Manor in Langate, Kenya

See the Northern Lights at the Northern Lights Bar at the Ion Hotel, Iceland

Snack among stunning mountain views at the restaurant «Aiguille Du Midi» at an altitude of 3,842 m in Chamonix, France

Ithaa Undersea Restaurant is located at a depth of 5 meters in Alif Daal Atoll, Maldives

Restaurant inside the waterfall — «Labassin», Villa Escudero Resort, Philippines

Impressive steampunk design and real coffee in Cape Town, South Africa

Ali Barbour’s Cave restaurant in Kenya is located in an ancient cave. The place is completely candlelit


And at this amazing restaurant in Bora Bora, you can dine right in the water

Dine with breathtaking views of the Indian Ocean at The Rock restaurant in Zanzibar

The Sci-fi Dine-in Theater at Disney Studios, Florida, USA, offers dinner and an old sci-fi movie on the big screen

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