Mama horse gets badly entangled and falls, foal panics as she sees the tide coming in

One of the strongest relationships throughout the world is that of a mother and her child. In all cultures, geological zones and even species, mothers love and protect their children. This maternal instinct seems to be present not only in humans! This little horse and her mother are a perfect example of that.

The Lafor Estuary in Gower, South Wales, is a scenic marshy area that is home to many animals. When one mare and her foal wandered through rough terrain in the marshy area, an accident caused the pair to panic.

The mare had accidentally got her back hoof entangled in her matted mane. She tried to wiggle her hoof out, but it got further twisted in the mane and the poor mare ended up falling to the ground. She tried her best to pick herself up, but her contorted limbs prevented her from doing so.

The young colt saw his mother’s distress and was frightened. The baby did not know how to help its mother, so it kept crying out for help. On top of that, the area was soon to be flooded by the tide. It was an incredibly difficult situation for the mare and her foal.

We see RSPCA employees arrive on the scene to evacuate animals in the tide-affected area. But when they find the mare in distress, they immediately spring into action. One of the officers unties her hoof from her mane. But the mare still refuses to get up.

It is then that the officers realize that the mare had been struggling for hours. Her limbs had weakened from being stuck in the weird position, and she was waiting for her circulation to be back to normal.

While the rescuers were working, the little foal was running circles around them!

In possibly the most adorable scene ever, the baby is nervously running circles around the crew as they work. She has no idea what they are doing to her mom! Over and over again, the little foal ran around, hoping to get close to her mom again.

Finally, the crew backs off to give her mom some space.

When mom sits still for a minute, the baby gets up the courage to come closer and check on her.

When the crew backed off and mom calmed down a bit, the little baby felt comfortable enough to come over and check on her. She could see that she was genuinely concerned and wanted to make sure her mom was okay!

When Mom finally got up, they walked off into the distance.

It is incredible to see such “human” emotions in these animals.

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