Only 9 months after the betrayal, the cat wanted to live again

A cat named Ksyusha lived in the family for 11 years, and then the owners refused her.

The first months of adaptation were difficult for everyone. Ksyusha is used to being the favorite and the only mistress of the house. Therefore, life surrounded by dozens of dogs and cats turned out to be a real stress for her. It was also difficult for us. No one even dared to approach the cat, because she reacted quite aggressively. In response to any violation of her personal space, Ksyusha instantly released her claws. The animal was under so much stress that we could not figure out how to help her get used to her new life.

Over time, we guessed the reason for her bad mood and it wasn’t just that she was betrayed by people she trusted infinitely. After sterilization, the cat became more calm and affectionate. The animal was able to trust people again.

Ksyusha lives according to the regime: her meals are strictly on schedule. At the same time, she does not eat for the future, but is content with small portions. When a cat is hungry, she approaches people and calls them to the feeding place with her paw. She always eats in the same place, doing it very carefully.

There is only one problem with Ksyusha – it is difficult for her to get along with other animals. Overexposure makes her uncomfortable, she is very stiff and afraid to make unnecessary movements.

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