Orphan panther befriends a Rottweiler and learns to live in snowy Siberia

Miracles happen even more often than we think. Today we will tell and show you the story of Luna, a little black panther, an orphan who was incredibly lucky to find great friends.

This is how tiny and confused Luna used to be

The kitten had a chance in a million. Its birth mother, a cougar in a mobile zoo, gave it up a few days after birth. The conditions, to put it mildly, were not great. A girl zoologist who specializes in nursing cats, big and small, found out about it. Initially it was just a question of nursing the panther, but its further fate looked vague and unhappy. So the girl ransomed the baby. Thus began the story of Luna, a black panther in the snows of Siberia.

She is almost domesticated. In any case, she hasn’t spent a day in the wild.

How beautiful she is! Or rather, both of them are beautiful!

And here comes the most interesting part — getting to know the Rottweiler Venza

The fact is that not the best conditions of the first days undermined Luna’s health, she was treated for a long time, but she still lags behind her wild counterparts in development. But it’s for the best, less aggression and more sociality. And in order to set the little panther on the right path, she was put under the patronage of the adult and serious dog Venza. And it worked!

Venza, and Venza, and what is that white and cold?

Now Luna is doing well and even better. She is getting proper nutrition and education, walking and playing a lot. Venza does not allow her to be too much of a bully, and the owner sincerely loves her pet.

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