People quickly rushed to the aid of the lynx, trapped

There were a lot of traps in one of the forests located near the city of Vilnius. They were put by poachers. A young lynx fell into one of these traps. She got caught in a steel loop. The trap began to strangle the poor animal. And the harder the lynx tried to get out of the trap, the harder he squeezed her neck and strangled her.

After learning about the incident, a group of volunteers, without hesitation, rushed to the aid of the poor animal. The men used slingshots to pin the animal to the ground. While others were freeing her from the steel noose.

The exhausted animal was so tired that it took a while to recover after being released. It didn’t realize for a long time that it was already free. The predator lay on the ground for almost ten minutes, tired and exhausted. Then she got up and ran into the depths of the forest.

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