People rescued the elephant, and in the evening a herd of elephants came to the village with gratitude

The villagers of Kerala did not hesitate to come to the aid of a baby elephant that was stuck in the mud. By evening, thanks to their efforts, the elephant cub was saved and the elephant herd returned to the village.

It turned out that the little elephant was frightened by the sound of a passing train and fell into a ditch that was full of mud. He could not get out on his own, but he managed to attract the residents.

The inhabitants didn’t think for a second; they brought strong ropes, fastened them together to make a so-called harness, and dragged the elephant up.

But the most extraordinary thing happened in the evening, when an entire herd of elephants came out of the forest and the leader trumpeted loudly, expressing his gratitude to the people of the village for saving the little elephant.

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