Pit bull laid down on the doorstep and wouldn’t let his owners in: he smelled something wrong

The couple went for a walk with their 11-year-old pit bull Sadie, who loved active walks. But when they got home, the dog started acting strangely. He laid down in front of the house and wouldn’t let anyone come to the door.

When his owner tried to pull him away, he barked and whimpered, then started snatching the keys out of her hands. It turned out there was a gas leak in the basement of the house, and Sadie, thanks to his keen sense of smell, could smell it from a distance.

The owners called the gas company, which confirmed the leak and fixed it. The gas workers noted that Sadie is an amazingly intelligent, perceptive and caring dog. They had never seen anything like it before.

Now the owners always pay attention to changes in their pet’s behavior and are immensely grateful for saving them from a possible tragedy.

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