Puppy plays dead to avoid the vet — amazingly convincing!

A charming dog named Lula often wakes up the rest of the family when she wants to walk or play. Like most dogs, she gets up with the sun.

However, some days are just meant to be spent in bed. Lula is a smart dog. She has a very good sense, and she can understand when something goes wrong. She has lived with her family for quite a long time and is ready for anything.

Собака притворяется спящей, чтобы не идти к ветеринару - видео - 22.05.2019, Sputnik Таджикистан

This funny video was shot in the morning when Lula was still asleep. When her owner came and tried to wake her up, the dog decided to pretend to be dead until she could figure out what was going on. Miki sat down next to Lula and massaged her tummy, and then asked if she was going to wake up. Then the woman gave out the stunning news — Lula is going to the vet today.

Lula is definitely not going to get out of her warm bed for the vet, that’s for sure. Now that she knows about the plans for the upcoming day, she is not going to participate in it for anything. However, her human mom is quite persistent. She shakes Lulu, persuading her to get up. When that doesn’t work, she starts pulling on the blanket. As soon as Lula’s cape is pulled off, we see a lifeless dog’s body.

She is ready to pretend to the last, until the hostess leaves her alone. There’s only one thing that can get Lulu on her feet-it’s the mention of food. And it worked! Just look at that sly dog face.

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