Quoi is the most beautiful husky puppy in the world!

Quoi, a Husky from the United States, is different from other dogs in his breed because he has a unique chocolate color. The incredible combination of the brown coat and blue eyes is fascinating, which is why Quoi has already gained a crowd of millions of fans. The owner travels around the states and posts photos of her unique husky from her trips.

A handsome husky named SeQuoi Tenk or Quoi for short is not just good-looking, he’s irresistible! He could easily be mistaken for a wild wolf — with his piercing blue eyes and soft chocolate fur. However, he is 100% purebred Husky.

Wolf hair suits his nomadic lifestyle well: he travels around the states of America in search of a new home with his owner Nikki, who posts photos of him on Instagram and collects thousands of likes and enthusiastic comments.

» SeQuoi Tenk» may seem like a strange name, until you learn the meaning. » SeQuoi» comes from «sequoia»-his owner has put a special meaning into her husky’s name. She wants her dog to be as strong, strong and healthy as a sequoia tree. «Tenko,» on the other hand, means «heavenly/divine fox» in Japanese.

«I wanted to combine these two concepts — strong and sweet — in one name. That’s how SeKwoy Tenk was «born.»

Quoi is almost entirely brown, except for a small white spot on his chest. Brown huskies are extremely rare, so it’s not surprising that Quoi attracts a lot of attention.

«Everywhere we go, people stop and want to pet him,» Nikki says.

«Strangers ask me at least three or five times, ‘What breed is that?’ and when I answer ‘Siberian Husky,’ no one believes me. However, he is 100% Siberian Husky.»

Nikki originally wanted to get an old dog from a shelter. But since she didn’t currently have a permanent home, she struggled to get permission from the animal shelter she was in contact with.

«Although Quoi wasn’t exactly the dog I was looking for, he became exactly the dog I needed on the road. Always cheerful, childishly naive and kind,» Nikki noted.

He’s a handsome fellow!

Quoi knows how to pose, here he looks like a «woolly wolf»!

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