Rare photos: Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman’s adopted son in New York surprised by a paparazzi

The Hollywood actor was reunited with his son Conor. Tom Cruise and his eldest son appeared at a film premiere.

The 61-year-old artist arrived in New York in the middle of a tour dedicated to the release of the film «Mission Impossible: Fatal Judgment, Part 1». Tom introduced the film to the public at a screening at the AMC theater. The three-time Golden Globe winner opted for a casual look. He wore a black shirt with unbuttoned collar and rolled-up sleeves. Cruise paired it with jeans and sturdy boots.

To support the actor, his loved ones were present. His older sister, Leigh Anne, and 28-year-old son, Connor, were spotted at the event. The actor’s son was dressed in a gray T-shirt, blue pants and sneakers. The young man had grown a beard and mustache. Relatives walked at a distance from Tom, so as not to attract attention.

Kidman-Cruz didn’t follow in his famous parents’ footsteps. The young man tried his hand at DJing and in 2016 created a popular blog on social networks dedicated to fishing.

Tom’s fans hotly discuss this rare family outing. «So happy to see Connor! Must be a special occasion», «Tom is a wonderful actor. I hope he reconciles with his daughter Suri», «Tom is aging beautifully», «I’m glad they’re in touch with each other», «Tom looks a lot like his sister», users comment.

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