Risking her life, the dachshund saved her owner from a huge beast!

Dogs are not for nothing called the closest friends and companions of a person. And this is not surprising. After all, in a difficult life situation, it is your dog that will become your faithful defender. Imagine that you are face to face with the enemy: with all due respect to cats, hamsters and parrots, will they rush to protect you? Hardly. But the dog – that’s right! Moreover, it does not matter at all what shapes, types and sizes it is.

It can be either a Caucasian shepherd dog, or, let’s say… a dachshund. And what, did you think that dachshunds are not able to protect their owner from danger? Well, then you just haven’t heard anything about Daisy – a small but very brave dachshund who saved her owner from a huge and very angry bear!

A woman named Crystal returned from the store to her home. Daisy was waiting for her on the lawn near the house – a small, smart and cheerful dachshund who loved her owner very much

It should be noted that Crystal lived near the forest. Suddenly there was a crash, a muffled roar, and then a bear appeared out of nowhere! He growled and walked towards the woman with clearly aggressive goals.

Terrified, Crystal tried to drive away the predator with screams. But he seemed to get even angrier and rushed at her. Screaming in horror, the woman covered her eyes with her hands, when suddenly she heard a desperate bark! As it turned out, the brave dog rushed into battle, not sparing himself, against a huge and angry bear! A fight ensued between them, in which, no matter how paradoxical and fantastic it may sound, the little dog won and the bear retreated. However, before that he managed to cut Daisy pretty badly. The woman had to urgently take her to a local veterinary clinic.

Рискуя жизнью такса спасла свою хозяйку от огромного зверя!

After learning about this story, many users of the World Wide Web were touched. They even opened a crowdfunding campaign, raising more than five thousand dollars for the treatment of a brave dog. Daisy and Crystal are fine now. After that incident, the dog became the main keeper and a real mascot for the family!

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