Squirrel offered friendship to a woman who mourned her beloved dog

It is believed that animals do not have feelings that humans have. But such stories prove that our lesser brothers are able to empathize no worse than humans.

The week in which these two met was one of the most difficult in the life of Michelle Burleson. The fact is that the woman’s beloved dog Badji Lu died.She was 13 years old and had to be put down due to health problems. The woman was hard going through this choice and it seemed that nothing could ease her suffering.

A squirrel came running to the Burleson house. She looked haggard, her fur was peeling off. It was obvious that the animal needed help.

At first, the squirrel was wary of the stranger. She jumped away when Michelle tried to reach out. But then the animal’s trust was won. Not without the help of a handful of nuts that the woman took out for the uninvited guest. Taking the treat, the squirrel ran off on her own business.

The woman says: «The squirrel appeared the next morning, right at dawn, and then came in the evening when the sun was setting. And it happened again and again. Soon I began to look forward to her daily visits with impatience”»

Over time, the squirrel got the nickname Stymie. She got so used to Michelle that she began to take nuts directly from her palms. A few days later, Stymie became so emboldened that she began to follow Michelle into her own house, drink water from a dog bowl and even relax on the couch.

The grief of losing a dog thanks to this little squirrel began to recede. And then Michelle decided that she could help other people. She founded the coffee company “Budgie Lou Brew Coffee & Co», which gives part of the income to rescue services and shelters for elderly dogs.

In order to fully engage in her business, Burleson had to sell her real estate and move. It was difficult for her to part with Stymie, who stayed to live in a tree next to the house. But the woman considers this decision to be correct. After all, it was her friendship with the little squirrel that inspired her to go further.

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